Sea Scouting: A Century-Old Tradition of Citizenship and Boating Excellence For more than 100 years, Sea Scouting has been promoting better citizenship and improving boating skills among its members. This is achieved through a variety of activities, including water safety, boating skills, outdoor and boating excursions, social events, service opportunities, and education on our maritime heritage. Joining a Sea Scout unit offers endless possibilities and exciting challenges that can't be found anywhere else. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, and make lifelong connections.

Englewood,Flordia - Ship 1776

Thursday of the month, starting May 18 - contact Paul Hicks for more info at

Venice, Flordia - Ship 1777

Fort Myers, Flordia - Ship 0263

Find a Sea Scout Group

Go to to see if there is a ship in your area, since some ships are new they might not be listed yet, so please contact one of the groups on this page or talk to your local council to setup a ship in your area.